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Nail Gun Man

I’m not saying Paul is a Superhero but I did recently see a magazine article about a treehouse which had a lovely photo of the team that had built it.  There were around a dozen people in that photo. Well below you can see a photo of the team that built the Dale Farm treehouse (open for bookings!) As you can see there is only one person in it (actually he did get a bit of help from Richard and his tractor and I bought the curtains) but you get my gist.

There is a saying that ‘a poor workman always blames his tools’ but Paul maintains that without good tools he would not have been able to complete the work he has carried out at Dale Farm. In other words, Paul’s ‘team’ is his toolbox. He thinks that a lot of young people are discouraged from DIY because initially you don’t have quality tools – just old inherited ones and cheap screwdrivers and spanners.  His advice is to always buy the best – it really does pay off so it’s worth investing.

Here are 6 top tips from a man who knows:

  • Most important tool – power screwdriver/drill
  • Favourite tool of all – nail gun
  • Essential but annoying – sit on lawnmower as you know once it comes out in March you are going to be on it for a good few hours every week until October (and probably repairing it for a few hours too…tree roots)
  • Indispensible – many pairs of cheap glasses as is doesn’t matter what tools you have if you can’t see the job in hand (I am currently looking for specs with an inbuilt light if anyone knows where I can find them)
  • Best invention – battery powered tools have revolutionised DIY
  • Current particular bug bear – cheap Chinese imports professing to be something they are not example masking tape that does not peel off – thank you B&Q